Exhibition paintings in progress

Abstracts in progress

It’s just over three weeks until the exhibition and I’m painting madly and doing some shameless self-promotion with the arrival of my postcard invitations.

I thought I’d share a few pieces in progress, as people often ask about the process I use in painting my abstracts. I haven’t bought a proper easel yet, so I currently paint in my lounge room surrounded by tubes of acrylic paint – which I choose to use mostly by random selection.

I like to start off with lighter colours, almost always yellow, and sit for hours just painting shapes until I cannot see any white canvas anymore.

I’ve worked on the ones pictured here for about five hours. I go over the colours multiple times until the surfaces of the shapes are smooth and thick. And then comes my favourite part – defining the shapes with black lines. This brings out clusters of coloured shapes whose relationships with each other change the moment I add the black paint – the canvas squirms with colour and life and I get really excited the closer I get to finishing it.

I can’t wait to put these paintings at Lentil as Anything from the 4th of January – if you do stop by I hope you get some enjoyment out of them!


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